’O paese d’ ’o sole in Kiel

The Martino-Ensemble invites you with the cast Gianmarco Martino (vocals, guitar), Susanne Frohriep (accordion), Steffen Trekel (mandolin) and Caroline Metzger (violoncello) on December 05, 2017 at 19:00 in the Kunsthalle zu Kiel musical journey through the sunny south of Italy. The south of Italy, to which the title of this song and concert is dedicated, is considered the center of well-being under the joyful sun. On this journey you will learn about the characteristics of different regions from Campania to Sicily through songs from these regions. The songs describe the picturesque landscape, tell of formative legends and historical events, dive into cultural peculiarities and of course treat the theme of love. The evening will be rounded off with two special Christmas songs.