Nuttata ’e sentimento

On June 15, 2019 at 19:30 the Martino ensemble invites in the large cast of Gianmarco Martino (vocals, guitar, chitarra battente), Evelyne Saad (violin), Caroline Metzger (cello, lira calabrese), Steffen Trekel (mandolin), Susanne Frohriep (accordion) and Stanislav Efaev (double bass) in the Behnhaus zu Lübeck as part of the Klangbilderkonzerte of the Theater Lübeck to a musical insight into the southern Italian night and love life. Learn about musical characteristics of different regions from Campania to Sicily through songs from these regions. The songs deal exclusively with nocturnal feelings and activities and refer to the picturesque, nocturnal landscape, to the machinations of the, Ndrangheta and the Mafia and of course especially of love.