Amore all’italiana in Hamburg Sasel

On February 27th of 2015 the Martino-Ensemble will give a concert in the Saselhaus in Hamburg. This concert is dedicated to the topic “love”. The songs performed will enlighten all aspects of the life determining feeling: Starting with the falling in love, the inability to sleep, the fear to approach the adored one, the suit under the balcony the bow will lead to attempting to convince beautiful women by music and dance, the search for a spouse and several dramas arround relationship and marriage. Apart of wellknown songs from Naples like »Voce ‘e notte«, »I’ te vurria vasà« and the swinging »O’ surdato ‘nnammurato« also old sicilian tunes like »Si maritau Rosa« and »C’è la luna mezz’u mari« will be played.